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Hydrangeas & The Hammer

There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.

Summer’s wearing: Primark dress and espadrilles
Karen’s wearing: Arizia Wilfred Free Dress | Kate Spade Earrings | Espadrilles | Ray Ban’s

Throwback Thursday | Belfountain

La familia lo es todo.

After a cold brisk walk to and from work today, I couldn’t help but reminisce about warmer and sunnier memories like our family outing last summer to Belfountain. It was an epic day filled with walking, exploring, and eating cookie dough ice cream. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I’m definitely counting down the days to this summer – for more family-filled adventures!

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting more family fun updates because I can’t help it, these two make my heart explode!

Wearing: Unconditional love.

Botanicals, love, & fashion

This past weekend my family and I took a trip to one of Toronto’s oldest parks: Allan Gardens. This beautiful spot is over 100 years old and features a 16,000 square foot conservatory containing 6 different interconnected greenhouses. If I had to pick my favourite houses in this luscious paradise, I’d have to say the Cactus House and the Palm House have my heart. And since I’ve been trying my green thumb in growing succulents and cacti within our home it was pretty inspiring to me. If you haven’t had the chance to check out this TO landmark, I’d highly recommend it. Not only was it educational, but it was also quite rejuvenating!

PS. If you’re looking for a great summer piece to do city exploration type staycation things in, I love my Wilfred Free Yasmin Dress. It’s the most carefree summer staple. Artizia’s sale is decent, but this sale item was really too good to pass up, marked down from $60 to $35.

Wearing: Wilfred Free Yasmin Dress (Heather White) | D&G sunglass | Kate Spade purse
Summer’s wearing: Carter’s top & bottoms
Shauns’ wearing: H&M tee | Ray Ban sunnies

SAJE | Aromaom White Ultrasonic Diffuser

Lately, work, family, and home renos have been occupying my time (as I’m sure most of you can relate), and I’ve neglected to post on here. But, I wanted to fill you in on my review for the Saje Aromaom White Ultrasonic Diffuser.

I’ve had my diffuser for a few months. It’s an amazing heat-free way to elevate your mind, body and spirit – with the help of essential oils, of course. This particular diffuser has two settings: 1. Mist continuously for 3 hours and 2. Mist on and off for 6 hours intermittent – 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off.

I’ve had Liquid Sunshine pumping through it for a few weeks; which, has helped me get through the winter. The Liquid Sunshine blend has notes of citrus, grapefruit, lime, and bergamot to bring a nice cheerful citrus scent to our home.

I love the fact that my diffuser can be used as a humidifier. Adding moisture to your indoor air in winter is crucial because ain’t nobody got time for dry skin. It also helps to eliminate bacteria. And another thing, it has helped me to not kill all of our household plants this year. Usually, I kill them all by mid-winter. This year, they are thriving!

I would highly recommend investing in a diffuser. I’ve loved Saje since my Van days circa 2009, so I would say check them out.

10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

This summer in TO has had an umpteen amount of sunny days, which means beach days, and that means bikini and/or bathing suits days. If any of you have been trying to get that beach body going or tying to reach your summer goals, I know how tough that can be. This summer I’ve been trying to lose the last 5 pounds and for whatever reason I just can’t shake the last 5. But, I will keep on trying without having to completely sacrifice some of my favourite foods. Tacos, anyone?!!!

Tacos aside I’ve compiled a list on 10 ways to lose 10 pounds:

  1. Lemon water: I’ve given this tip to a few people who have been with me on my weight loss journey. Lemon water is the best choice you can make for your body. In the mornings one of the first things I’ll drink is a big old litre of citrus water. The reason? Lemons help to clean out the bodice and get ‘things’ moving. TIP: Store a litre of lemon water in your fridge the night before, this way in the morning it’s right at your finger tips. Extra tip: Stick to water for drinks.
  2. Go veggie: Why would anyone do this? Well, there are several ethical and environmental reasons, but if you’re not interested in any of those, well, I can say that going veggie has helped me drop 55 pounds… if that’s any motivation. (P.S. Vegetarians still get protein from different sources, it just may take a little more effort).
  3. Start a blog: If you put it out there for the world to read and then follow up with  accountability, then it may help to motivate you! It has definitely helped me!
  4. Walk: Walk everywhere you can. It is the easiest way to burn calories. Try downloading an app that counts your steps, you’ll be surprised by how many calories you burn throughout the day. P.S. Wear good runners 🙂
  5. Remind yourself to eat better: Put up notes on your fridge or write yourself a meal plan. Planning helps you to stay away from cravings and caving into bad foods. Also, use an app that counts calories or use an app where you can record foods. I know counting calories sucks, but so does trying to lose weight. Calories in and calories out as they say. TIP: My FitnessPal is a great app!
  6. Don’t diet: This is the hardest thing to do. But, if you make clean eating (and exercising) a lifestyle change then you won’t be dieting.
  7. Eat breakfast: I think this goes without saying.
  8. Exercise: This also goes without saying. Sometimes the best exercise is when it doesn’t feel like exercise. Join a dance class or a sports team.
  9. Weigh in daily: This is an awful thing to do. And sometimes it can be so defeating, but I think it’s a good way to measure where you are and where you want to be. Don’t forget your weight can fluctuate throughout the day so do this first thing in the morning. The most rewarding thing is watching the numbers go down.
  10. Sleep: If you can get in an extra hour of sleep, you will do much better overall.